Cinemagic Productions has a reputation of helping independent artists tell their stories through video. In today's modern world, internet video has emerged as the primary communication medium for any subject. For anyone promoting their artistic projects, having a video with a simple message and high production values is critical to getting an audience. Our pricing varies depending on what the projects is and we offer full turnkey videos* on select projects. Some videos do qualify for non-profit** discounts or deferred payment***. Visit our contact page to get in touch with a producer. 

Note to Artists: Every equipment package we offer must be operated by our crew at our rates; we do not rent our gear out.  

Music Videos - Full Turnkey - no discounts apply

Commercials - Full Turnkey - no discounts apply

Behind the Scenes - Full Turnkey - non-profit discounts or deferred payment

Short Documentary - Full Turnkey - non-profit discounts or deferred payment

Short Narrative film - Lighting & Grip only - non-profit discounts or deferred payment

Feature Film - See Pro Film Services

* Turnkey videos involve all stages of production. from concept to completion. 

** Personal projects can qualify for non-profit pricing if no profit made from the video itself or of the subject the video covers. Web videos with advertising revenue applied do not qualify for non-profit discounts. 

*** Deferred payment can be negotiated depending on the client's marketing plan of the video and their track record with returning profit on videos. 

Services for Creative Artists

Visit our Contact Page
Tungsten fresnel from 150w to 2000w along with 1000w softboxes will handle just about any small project.
Add smooth vertical movement to the camera. Makes for great subject reveals.
slider pkg 2
Portable setup that adds smooth horizontal movement to the camera.
Spider dolly
Heavy duty rig that can be combine with a jib for both horizontal and vertical movement over a 17ft flex track.
Canon 60D that comes with a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. Shoots full HD at 24 or 30 fps.
Bolex 16mm
Full frame 16mm MOS. Comes with two 400ft magazines. At 24fps, each mag gives 10 minutes of film. Great for gritty old style film looks. Film stock not included
Zoom H4N with a Rode Video Mic Pro and boom pole. 2 additional channels for wireless mics (non provided)
Basic video editing with Adobe Premiere elements. Export video to DVD, Blue Ray or hard drive.
Projects edited by us get exclusive access to the entire Digital Juice royalty free library. Sound FX, music and graphics that will take your video to the next level of professionalism.
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