Hello and welcome to my personal site. I'm a Freelance video producer with 10 years experience working in film. I have produced micro budget Documentaries, Training Films and commercials in north east Ohio. I have worked as a Non-Union key grip on several local indie movies and I have acquired extensive knowledge in cinematic lighting. 

My skill set includes DSLR Photography / Videography, On Location Audio Recording, Lighting, electrical distribution, Editing, Graphic Design, Budgeting, location logistics and set management. 

I'm currently looking to serve producers as a freelance photographer / videographer. I have a valid passport and can travel anywhere worldwide with my equipment. I'm also looking for a full time position at a small to medium sized production company in North east Ohio. I'm a team player and with my experience I can enhance the value a company can offer clients.   

Justin Ciminero - Producer | Camera Operator | Theatrical Lighting | Video Editor
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